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2003 Travels August 14

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I was on Reception/shop. John was on rubbish collection and donkey fire management – including getting wood from the bush and chopping it.

Cloud built up through the day – I was not sure whether this was ominous, meaning rain, or just innocuous high stuff.

Resize of 08-15-2003 01 canoeing on lawn hill gorge.jpg

The supply truck arrived at a reasonable hour, for once – early afternoon. This was optimal time for unloading – before the later afternoon rush of arrivals to book in, and while the baby was having his afternoon nap.

The generator broke down, not long after we finished unloading the truck.

The truck chiller/freezer section must have been  faulty, too, because the icy poles all arrived soft. They got softer still, without the freezers here working!

No soft drinks at all came with the order. Seemed the boss got sidetracked by the baby, when she was preparing the order, and forgot that bit! There also did not seem to be the usual quantities of fruit and vegetables.

Electricians came from the Mine – very handy neighbours to have – but couldn’t fix the generator. The place had to operate on the old, spare, genset, which had much less output, so we had to alternate freezers being turned on, to try to keep the ice frozen, and the kitchen frozen foods unthawed. The old genset would run all night, alternating the freezers, to try to keep up their chill. We would all just have to put up with the noise.

Between the state the icy poles arrived in, and the freezer issue, there ended up being a lot that got too soft and had to be thrown out.

Campers had seen the supply truck come in and came to the shop to try to buy fresh produce, which we usually had for sale for a few days after truck day. But the boss had also forgotten to buy in any extras, this time. She instructed that we should sell them what was in the cool store, anyway. That would not please the cook, when she was back on duty tomorrow!

The booking person from a tour company that had come here a few times this season, phoned to pencil in dates for their tours for 2004. She asked if we had a new cook. I asked why? She said she thought the meals they were served, this year, were atrocious. I said something non-committal about staff changing from year to year. Later, I passed this feed back on to the boss. She just shrugged. I know it is so hard to get staff for places like this, but she did need to consider that the place needed a reputation for – at least – adequate food, especially amongst the more up-market clients. It might mean hiring a proper cook and paying them more than the other staff, which I thought would be fair enough.

Cook and D got back from Mt Isa. They brought the paper rolls for the EFTPOS machine back with them – we had been out for a few days. Another ordering lapse. We did so much business using EFTPOS, sometimes $4000 worth a day, so this was a serious issue. Without the machine, people did not buy so much.

B cooked apricot chicken for tea – it was nice because she’d gone to some trouble to cut the surplus fat out of the chicken pieces. Again, there was quite enough for staff – there were hardly any tourists in for the meal.

The old genset was noisy and could be heard clearly, through the night, over much of the property.

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