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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 31

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The bloody supply truck arrived at 7am! This was crazy. We unloaded it in the midst of the tourists’ breakfast period.

I was very cautious about lifting!

I had to drive some fly-in guests, who had stayed last night, to the National Park, after breakfast, in the Troopy, then come back and collect the Flying Doctor from the air strip – it was Clinic day.

Resize of 06-29-2003 14 Larrys Gap.jpg

The road to the National park passes through Larrys Gap in the Constance Range

I was feeling considerably better, but still not right, so lined up to take my turn at consulting with the doctor. He talked gall bladder problem (which would not be surprising given all cook’s fatty meals!), or giardia which he said was epidemic in these parts. First I had heard of this. Or maybe it was a muscle problem. He really did not know and took blood, for every test under the sun. He managed to get the blood the first try – a relief to us both. I still had a very vivid memory of the efforts of the Doomadgee doctor. last year, to extract blood – not pleasant.

I went back to cleaning tents with a sore arm!

Doc gave me an order for some tablets to take, if it did test out to be gall bladder. I collected these from the medical chest, but after reading the possible side effects, decided not to take them, no matter what the diagnosis!

It would be interesting to find out my cholesterol levels, because I hadn’t fasted this morning.

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