This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 29

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On reception again. A little better, again.

The men – and bosses – had been periodically annoyed by toilet roll thefts from the amenities in the campground. The men working about the place, and us on reception, were regularly in receipt of complaints from campers that there was no toilet paper at all, down there. Since the men knew that they had restocked the places in the mornings  – and put spare rolls out on the cisterns or window ledges – the problem could only be outright theft. Went into the catalogue of “You wouldn’t believe what some tourists do……”

Even more annoying had been, during the school holiday period, a spate of kids (presumably) stuffing several complete rolls of paper down the toilets. I’d have thought that a place like this had much more interesting things to do, for any normal child.

Anyway, the upshot of all this was that we had now acquired lovely, big, covered, lockable toilet paper dispensers, and the men were fitting these in place. I was sure that resolute paper thieves could still take quantities away – but they would now have to work a lot harder at it!

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