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2003 Travels July 24

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Our early day off, due to roster change.

We lazed about in the morning. John printed off the letter he’d been composing, for sending off to a number of family and friends. I sat outside and knitted while he was doing that – not room for two in the van when printing was happening!

I washed our uniforms, and the van floor rugs, and tried to tidy up inside the van. That was a bit of a lost cause, with John at work!

I decided that we would eat “at home” tonight, as a break from cook’s currently unattractive meals. I could use up some of the zucchini that John had grown and which cook didn’t want.

After John had done his letters, we went out for a drive.

Went south, to the springs that were the source of nearby Louie Creek, accessed by a little side track that we’d found out about. We walked around there and explored. It was an interesting spot, with lots of birds. We should go back there and just bird watch, on another day off.

Resize of 07-24-2003 04 Louie Creek.jpg

Louie Creek near the springs

Louie Creek flows almost past the front of Adels Grove – the road from the north crosses it just before our entrance – and it then flows into Lawn Hill Creek. Last century, a Chinaman had a market garden up there. He had an aboriginal wife, and occasionally some of their descendents call into Adels.

Resize of 07-24-2003 06 Louie creek and springs area.jpg

Cliff by Louie Creek, with interesting rock layering

It was too late when we got back from our explorations to make the zucchini soup I’d intended, but I attempted French fries, spinach, and a cheese omelette. The latter was most unsuccessful. Seemed my pan would not cook omelettes without them sticking badly to it. Using processed cheddar cheese did not help – it went all watery and horrible. I did not even try to eat mine! It was a disappointment and served me right for feeling superior about my cooking skills!

We read for a while after tea. This felt like a real indulgence – usually we just crash into bed.

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