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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 12

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I was on reception, John on amenities/yard.

In the morning, while it was still quiet, A and I checked all the Wilderness Challenge booking blocks for the rest of the season. We found one error – a two-night block in August had been entered as only one night.

After tea, we had a bit of a party down at our camp, to farewell M. Nine of us, including M – all the staff that were currently here. There was much wine and port, cheese, biscuits, crisps and so on. Everyone put in something, and we raided the shop for almost out of date stock – on A’s say so.

We tried hard to persuade M to stay on and work for another couple of weeks. She nearly wavered – had a really great time here. I think that if she hadn’t had a hire 4WD arranged and paid for in Mt Isa, she would have given in.

A very good night was had by all!

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