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2003 Travels July 10

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This was another day off for us – one we’d “saved” for when our visitors were both going to be here.

The supply truck arrived at 8.30am. It was always early when you didn’t want it to be! We ignored it and did not go up to help unload.

We took M and P out to Edith Springs, having first phoned to OK it with the station manager.

I went with P in his vehicle and M with John in Truck. We “leap-frogged” the gate opening duties.

Resize of 07-10-2003 02  driving to edith springs walk.jpg

Close to the end of the track to Edith Springs

As before, left the vehicles at the end of the track and walked in through the gorge.

Resize of 07-10-2003 07 edith springs gorge.jpg

The start of the gorge

We spent a couple of hours in there, and ate the lunches I’d packed, whilst there.

Resize of 07-10-2003 04 us at edith springs.jpg

The plunge pool at Edith Springs

Our visitors were most impressed with the grandeur and scale of the place, and its almost sacred atmosphere.

Resize of 07-10-2003 05 LHS edith springs scene

Reflections in the clear water of the pool

There was much wandering about on both sides of the pool, and photography – although that was hard in the low, filtered light.

Resize of 07-10-2003 pool at edith springs.jpg

The far end of the pool, where the creek exits

On the drive back, John deviated from the track to cut some conkerberry timber from a stand he’d spotted. That would go home with us, to be turned into wood worked items.

Resize of 07-10-2003 10 Edith Creek gorge

P and I sat in his vehicle, by the red gate, and chatted, while we waited for the wood gatherers.

We then took the track to the old weir, to show them. Saw a freshie croc just “hanging” in the water – floating. It was not concerned about our presence.

Resize of 07-10-2003 11 lawn hill creek by track to old weir.jpg

Lawn Hill Creek, by track to the old weir

We walked around the old weir, looked at the former creek course, admired the reflections of the Island Stack in the creek water.

Resize of 07-10-2003 14 island stack, lower gorge and creek

Island Stack

Resize of 07-10-2003 lower gorge creek area

Back at the van, I cooked tea again, for the four of us. Pasta with a grated zucchini sauce, after we’d had the soup I made yesterday. Then we sat around outside the van for hours, with our wine and port.

It had been a truly enjoyable day.

The bosses left this morning, to drive to Townsville for a family wedding. Not a short trip – about 1100kms each way!

The barking owls performed well, for our guests, through the night.

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