This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels July 1

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John was on amenities and rubbish. I was on reception.

The shop was very busy – to the point of bedlam at times. It must be school holidays somewhere! The campground was very busy. Today was hard work.

Resize of 09-06-2003 Adels staff compound

Staff compound now quite full – 4 vans and a camper trailer

The bosses had a bad night last night. The police phoned about midnight. Seems some aborigines had rung the police, from the public phone here, to report that one of their group had gone berserk at their camp and had been trying to stab them with a knife.

The  police asked the boss to “just step outside and see what’s going on”!

All but two of the group that had been coming here every day, was there, sitting quietly on the front lawn area. They had walked down from their camp and phoned. The crazy one was back at their camp, they thought. He had the d.t.’s it seemed. The beer they’d had, and the meths  they’d bought, was all long gone.

Boss reported all this to the police. They seemed to feel there was no immediate threat to anyone.

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