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2003 Travels June 23

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I was on reception again, John on canoes.

Mid-afternoon, the boss and D had to go out in the Landcruiser and tow in a stupid tourist, driving a Camry, that had broken down about 5kms down the Riversleigh road. He was really angry about the state of the roads. While he was conferring with D, over at the workshop, his wife waited at the shop. She complained about the road state and implied they had been told it would be alright to come that way from Mt Isa.

I tried to pin her down about the source of her information, knowing that none of us on reception would have said that, or advised by phone for anyone to bring a standard car that way. I doubted that anyone at the Information Centre in Isa would have, either. Eventually she admitted that everyone they had asked in Mt Isa had told them to come around via Cloncurry and Gregory. But her husband was pig headed, she said, and thought he knew best.

She also said that she thought he had been driving too fast. No wonder he’d put a rock through his gearbox – and “killed” three tyres. That piece of road had not been graded for four years!

It was going to be a more expensive stay here than they envisaged – and longer, probably. D might be able to do a temporary repair, or they might have to go back on a truck – which would be very costly.

They were booked in, luckily, at this crowded time, but extending their stay might involve some juggling of arrangements.

Resize of 06-20-2003 17 water tank doug lost last year.jpg

Water tank that fell off the watering truck, beside the airstrip, last year. Was the driver going too fast, or was the welding below par?

After tea, Mike gave the first of his talks, to the students who were with their party, the other pals, and associated experts, Riversleigh Society volunteers, and interested bystanders from the staff and campers. It was on how Riversleigh got “found”, and why it is such an important site on the world fossil scene. He has the great gift of being able to hold an audience riveted.

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