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2003 Travels June 21

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I was on tents, John on amenities/grounds.

Resize of 08-07-2003 05 linen bus and campground transport.jpg

John by the laundry and linen store bus

I helped in the kitchen first, doing the clean up from breakfast. Then made up the morning teas for the paleontologists, who mostly arrived around midnight, last night. They had flown in to Mt Isa, then driven up here in hired 4WD vehicles. That made it a late night for the bosses, who had to wait up for their arrival, but did not disturb us.

Today was the backpacker’s day off, which I thought cook was relieved about. Hence the need for my help. I put out the materials needed for sandwich making for the pals’ lunches.

After all that, I went off to do tents – there were only four vacated this morning, so that did not take too long.

Resize of 08-07-2003 04 cleaning Hilton tent

Brushing leaves from tent roof – part of the cleaning routine

There was a broken zip in one of the pal’s tents, so I ended up helping the boss sew in a new one.

Then it was back to the kitchen, where I made the pre-dinner savouries for the company tour group – they always had this late afternoon extra that was not available to general guests.

Finally, I stocked the shop – putting out on the shelves some of the supplies that came in yesterday, replenishing the drinks fridge from the stocks in the pantry store, and the like.

I worked from 8am till 6pm, today, with a half hour lunch break. They got their money’s worth today!

A plane flew in parts to repair the Telstra chopper, it was fixed, and they left.

The supply truck that came in yesterday had taken on a broken down vehicle, for transport to Mt Isa, for the RACQ. Its owners were staying in a DBB tent and would go back to Isa with the company tour group, tomorrow.

It would be full on for the next nine or ten days, now.

I still had not managed to get an exact departure date for all of the pals, from their organizer. He might be great with dead bones, but was not so good with live bodies! I just hoped they would be gone on 29th, as he earlier said they might be, and not later – as we had two large tour groups booked in on 30th. I really did not want to think about the tent house keeping at that time!

The leader of the pals – Professor Mike Archer – and his family, would fly in tomorrow on the helicopter that they use for transport to the dig sites, and aerial checking. Not for them the bone rattling “commute” the 40kms or so down to Riversleigh, every day!

Our day off already seemed like a long time ago. I knew the next one was not for ten days.

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