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2003 Travels June 10

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The bosses left this morning to drive to Mt Isa, for a specialist appointment for the baby.

From these parts, at this time of the year, everyone goes to Mt Isa via Riversleigh – the direct route. The Gregory River ford was low enough to drive through, and the O’Shaughnessy crossing was dry. It was the most direct route.

This would provide a welcome break for the cook! As the bosses only have a bedsit room (with ensuite), off the loading dock, the main kitchen doubled as prep area for all the baby’s food too. If there were nappies soaking in the big wash trough that is on the dock, then boss had been known to bath the baby in the kitchen sinks, too. There was always baby stuff lying around the kitchen – one had to dodge around the high chair, walker, toys. It could get really annoying for cook, in particular.

Today, I was “floating” – which meant I helped out wherever it was needed. John was on rubbish/donkey fires – jobs he could manage with the bandaged knee.

Resize of 06-08-2003 01 john at work in grove.jpg

Fetching mulch for the vegie garden

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