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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels June 6

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The truck had to be unloaded early, which cut into my supposed late start, because I was on shop. I got called up early because of the unloading. I was cursing.

John was on canoes again, and took a camera with him, to record some of his day.

Resize of 06-06-2003 04 water monitor lawn hill nat park.jpg

Water monitor visiting John at the canoe hire area

Resize of 06-06-2003 05 canoe hire visitor.jpg

Quite a friendly fellow!

With a very quiet afternoon here, and no DBB guests booked in, boss decided everyone could go the Gregory Hotel for a night “out”. Except us – who volunteered to stay here and mind the place.

It felt quite strange, being alone here, and in charge, until the others got back, about 11pm. I admit to hoping hard that there was no medical emergency amongst the few guests in the campground!

I cooked our tea in the van, for a change – pasta with tuna, caper, olive sauce.

We had to turn off the genny at 9.30pm.

From that, I presumed the bosses thought we were trustworthy!

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