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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2003 Travels May 26

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I was on shop, John on cleaning amenities, campground, and the rubbish run.

Cook and daughter left. I think that, in the end, they were a bit sad to go.

Little Lulu, the orphaned joey, had been doing well. She went with them and would go on to an animal rescue place.

Today was H’s first day of cooking. She was very serious about it, too.

Before starting work this morning, I wrote a note to friend M, about her visit, to go out on this week’s mail plane.

The people from Hire Tent 1 came over to the shop, just on dusk. There was a “snake” by their camp fire! Boss went over to the rescue. It was a baby olive python – a cute little critter. Boss relocated it well away from the tent areas. I wondered if our friend in the workshop had been active in more ways than one!

Resize of 3-30-2005 tent hire.jpg

Tent Hire 1

I had an exciting phone call, from an former work colleague, who has done some outback travel. He  was interested in our adventures, and planned to drop in for a couple of nights in July. Another friend to share the place with.

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