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2003 Travels May 16

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I was on shop, which meant the late finish, just in time for tea.

The evening meal was livened up, somewhat, when a rather large olive python appeared in the breezeway that runs from the front steps to the dining deck. It slithered down the passage and looked as if it might join us. Boss R picked it up to see if he could persuade it to depart, but as soon as it was put down again, continued the way it had been going. Very single minded. It was determined to go where its dinner was!

Resize of 05-16-2003 01 dinner guest and rod.jpg

Olive python determined to keep coming our way

It proceeded to stretch out along the edge of the deck – where it could gobble up the insects that were zapped by the lights above and fell down. Clearly, it had been here before.

Resize of 05-16-2003 02 olive python on deck

This was where the python wanted to be – easy tucker!

After seeing that it was very settled there, we resumed our meal.

R said that it was the same olive python that lived in the old tin workshop, last year. It still lived there. He said that, coiled up just inside the door, it appeared to be a deterrent to those campers who wanted to “borrow” tools without permission.

Resize of 05-17-2003 olive python in shed.jpg

Python back home again. Would you venture in here to borrow gear?

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