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2003 Travels May 4

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Today was my son’s birthday. I phoned him, after work, from the payphone, and had a brief chat.

Shop duty again, with 10am start. I sat outside the van and did some work on the crocheted cot blanket, before work.

I had to start cleaning the amenities again, when I started in the shop, as they hadn’t been touched. It meant trying to clean and keep alert for anyone who might come to the counter or into the shop – I propped the door open with the mop bucket so I could hear better.

B did appear when I was part way through, and she finished off cleaning the men’s. I had noticed that she was avoiding working in the shop, when she could, because she got easily flustered.

I was more confident in the shop today, despite the big error of yesterday! Our friend came into the shop and fixed up his “debt”. I was still embarrassed at having made the error.

I was working into the routine of checking campers in: allocating site, writing it into the bookings register, taking payment, marking site on map for them and giving out the brochure with all the information about the place and locality.

Resize of 08-12-2003 03 Me on reception.jpg

At the Reception counter, with the booking books

I resolved to spend some of my next day off walking around the campground trying to memorize the nature of each site. We have a master map that indicates whether a site is suitable for large, medium or small rigs, but I decided I needed more of a mental map for myself, in relation to things like shade and separation from neighbouring sites.

Cook and daughter were having their days off and had gone, with “Cookie”, the cook from Lawn Hill Station, to Gregory, for the rodeo that was on tonight. The boss cooked tea. She had a friend and husband, up from Mt Isa for the weekend, and the friend helped with the cooking. They were regular visitors, who stayed in one of the staff donga rooms, when here.

A fence was being constructed around the sewerage treatment plant area. This plant was installed along with the new building, last year. It was a relatively new, environmentally sensitive method, with the treated end product being sprayed out onto an area of ground – well away from the creek!

Another night of showering in the dark, after tea.

The cheap watch I bought in Canberra was giving me a nickel allergy reaction on my wrist, so I painted the back with nail polish, and hoped that eased the problem.

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