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2003 Travels April 23

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We were up at 6am, and away at 7.45. Made no effort at all to be quiet. That would teach the moron next door to park so close!

It was foggy to begin with, then changed to there just being fog in the valleys, with the hilltops clear. This made it a really pretty and attractive drive to Dubbo, after which we were out onto the western plains. The trade off had been that the pretty section was also slower than the plains, with the flat, straight roads of the latter.

Refuelled at Nyngan – $1.06cpl. Took a break there to eat the lunch sandwiches I had packed this morning.

Reached Kidmans Camp at North Bourke about 5.30pm. Our site cost $18. We were able to stay hitched up. Did a quick and basic camp set up.

We’d stayed at this very pleasant, developing, caravan park before. It was interesting to go for a walk and look at what had altered since our last stay. Last year, there were new cabins being built – they had turned out to be very nice looking indeed. Continued our walk, past the cabins, to the Darling River and back.

The lady owner of the park was busy planting lambs ears that she’d bought. And here was I, not long back, throwing out heaps of such plants that had spread themselves too far in my garden.

The night sky was beautiful and clear, with a myriad of stars. We rejoiced at being back in the outback.

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One thought on “2003 Travels April 23

  1. We stayed at Kidman Camp a few months back. What a delightful oasis it is. The gardens are a treat.

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