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2002 Travels November 7

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So we trundled back north, along the Bruce Highway recently driven. Through the sugarcane country, across the big silver Burdekin bridge at Home Hill, back into Ayr, where we booked into the Big 4 Silver Link Caravan Park.

We had already established that we would get a worker’s deal at this caravan park – $72 a week, but with power metered and separately paid for. That was fair enough, as this was getting well into air-con season! The park was of a good standard, with modern, very clean amenities.

We set up camp for an extended stay, then drove to refuel Truck – at the Woolworths outlet diesel was 82cpl. Then checked out the shops and bought some supplies. I bought a small Esky chiller, for transporting our lunch and drinks.

Our caravan site was shaded by large mango trees. With ripening mangoes on!

Resize of 11-12-2002 02 Silver Link CP Ayr.jpg

Under the mango trees at Silver Link Caravan Park

There were a number of other workers camped in the park. Our’s was not the only packing shed in the vicinity, so some of the others worked in other sheds. We were later able to compare workplace experiences with some.

We were both looking forward to the new experience that would start tomorrow. We had to report to the shed at Giru at 8am.

Resize of 11-03-2002 to ayr.JPG

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