This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2002 Travels June 5

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Today was warm and sunny. It was good to be away from the chill wind and the millions of flies of further south!

We drove to the Information Centre and browsed about there for a while.

Then it was off to a series of shops. I put films in for processing – the Kodak Express shop was very busy. John bought some items that he thought might fix Truck. At KMart I bought a couple of novels. John found globes to suit his really bright torch – he was really pleased about this. He also bought some glues and other oddments.

We had a late lunch back at the van.

I spent the afternoon knitting and reading. Now I have a grand daughter, there is some purpose to the knitting!

John spent the afternoon playing games on the computer.

Tea was potatoes and frankfurts – John’s choice. Yuk! I don’t know why John likes those things. The potato was nice, though

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