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2002 Travels May 21

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Over breakfast, we decided to leave here tomorrow. We both feel we’ve had enough time here, for the time being, and it is time to experience somewhere new.

The ABC Radio weather forecast also predicted rain for SW Queensland, tomorrow, so that was another reason to leave while the roads were dry.

This morning, Mike took the new camp visitors over to his workings and they watched him put some dirt through the rumbler. I think the English visitor bought some opal from him. The group packed up and left at lunchtime.

Resize of 05-18-2002 track between old holes Duck Creek.jpg

Track to Mike’s current mine, between old shafts

I made bread in the bread making machine, to test out the solar array. It does all seem to be working well now. The machine worked alright, making a 750gr loaf – from a packet of wholemeal bread mix.

However, cloud came across in the afternoon and prevented the batteries from being fully recharged. But there was still enough power to see the fridge and lights through the night.

A 4WD vehicle called in. He was checking out the route for a Kidney Kar Rally in August. There will be some 80 vehicles go through – that will really raise the dust! I would not want to be here then!

We went for a last walk – to the old cemetery reserve. There was not much there now. Just a couple of piles of stones that mark old graves. The original Cheepie/Toompine road was near there, but without an old sign post I am not sure we’d have picked it as once being a road.

Resize of 05-21-2002 cemetery boundary peg Duck Creek

Cemetery marker

Resize of 05-21-2002 duck ck cemetery.jpg

Old graves

Resize of 05-21-2002 once was rd cheepie toompine

Once was the road to Cheepie and Toompine

Mike was being really friendly again. We went and bought an opal from him – for $150. He did not have a great deal on offer. We felt we should buy something, though, in return for the campsite and his hospitality. He said there had been poor pickings, in the mullock heaps, lately.

I think we find more enjoyment in “proper” mining, like we did at Leopardwood, rather than in this fossicking about old heaps.

B and wife called in, and another miner, and we all had a pleasant afternoon, chatting.

So, we did not get back to the Gorge, after all.

When the visitors had gone, Mike insisted on teaching me a new card game, that he called Observation. It was quite enjoyable, too – I must teach John.

Whilst I was playing cards, John started the camp pack up. We did as much of that as we could.

Tea was soup, ham steaks and pineapple – very nice.

After tea, John had to go and watch a final film with Mike. I read.

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