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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2002 Travels April 25

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We set off late morning, to do some sight seeing of parts of Brisbane we mostly had not seen before.

Drove east to the coast, through the suburbs that are almost the northern edge of Brisbane, to the older, seaside suburbs of Sandgate and Brighton. Took a road that hugged the shore line to the north – very pretty.

Crossed a long bridge to the suburbs of Redcliffe and Scarborough, again, hugging the shore line as much as we could. There was an outlook across to Moreton Island, in the distance. We parked where we could look out over the sea, and had our packed lunch.

I think if I had to live in Brisbane, it would be these seaside suburbs that were most attractive. Of course, I don’t know if they are prone to sandflies!

We left the coast then, but continued north, through Burpengary and Morayfield.

Some thirty years ago, first husband and I holidayed, for a short time one January, in Brisbane, with a friend. I remember, dimly, that it was extremely hot and humid and we could not find the energy to venture out and do much. However, we did engage in some speculation in land, buying acreage – bush – in the Morayfield area. That land was long sold, but I was curious to see if I could find it again – having only ever been there once – to see if it had been developed as Brisbane spreads north. Development of the area in general was certainly happening, but I could not locate anything familiar, or the land. At the time, although this land was distant from the Brisbane built up area, there were large areas of pine plantation between the then outer suburbs and the Morayfield area – we had thought there was a chance that development would jump the pine areas to where we bought.

From Caboolture, made our way back east again, crossing the bridge over a fairly narrow sea channel, onto Bribie Island. This appeared to be a flat, sandy island – we were not able to explore much of it by road. It appeared to be changing, with housing development happening – looked like it was on the way to becoming suburban, too.

Then it was back to camp, before the late afternoon traffic peak.

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