This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2002 Travels April 23

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Just pottered about at camp in the morning. Got clothes for tonight sorted. We do not carry much in the way of “good” clothes, but at least put out gear that was clean and not too crumpled.

Lunch was very early and then we went off to play bowls. I played a middling game. John was not much better. He tried hard not to be critical of my shots. I did not particularly enjoy the afternoon.

Then it was a rush to get ready and be at P’s place by 6pm.

When we arrived, she had just gotten home after a day of unexpected, last minute call, emergency teaching, which she does quite a bit of, in semi-retirement.

We had a very pleasant meal and evening, overall. I had not met her husband before, and she had not met John. She really has not changed much since school and uni – looks older, as we all do, but still as much fun to be around.

We did not stay too late – tomorrow is a working day for them.

I was pleased that we were not far from the caravan park, and did not have to negotiate too much of unfamiliar Brisbane, in the dark.

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