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2002 Travels April 5

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It was cold through the night, but the day was clear and sunny and a very pleasant day for driving.

We didn’t rush to get up too early, or hasten over breakfast. I made sandwiches for later.

The drive to Canberra was uneventful. It is a route we have travelled before, so there was little novelty about it.

We stopped at Holbrook for fuel – 88cpl.

Ate our pre-packed lunch at The Dog on the Tuckerbox complex, on the northern edge of Gundagai. There was ample room there to park the rig, and we were able to sit outdoors and people watch while we ate. At the apple sales stall there, we bought a $6 bag of Batlow new season’s apples – good value.

We had just passed through Murrumbateman, on the highway from Yass to Canberra, when son-in-law phoned to check our progress. He said he would go home and wait, to let us in.

There were a lot of roadworks on Canberra’s outskirts, which slowed us down.

We found S and J’s place with no problems: through the centre of Canberra, across the Lake, and then it wasn’t far to Deakin.

SIL was waiting for us. The driveway looked very narrow, but John and SIL between them directed my backing in and all was fine. Then SIL went back to work and we unhitched Truck and set up. There was not room for the awning, or any of our outside table and chairs, so it was not a big set up.

04-06-2002 narrow space.jpg

It took some very careful backing to get in here!

John went to suss out the nearby bowls club and returned with the news that he would be playing tomorrow.

The family got home about 7.30pm. We had been told that S would be bringing things home for tea – we were expected to eat with them. It was, for us, very late and we were very hungry by the time S produced a meal of spag bol.

After tea we chatted for a while, before we retired to the van.

The red gum dining table that John made for them – and which they came down and collected earlier this year – looked really good.

04-05-2002 to canberra.JPG

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