This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2001 Travels October 5

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No time for looking around today. Just driving. It is all country we have travelled before.

We were home by lunchtime.

There was much unpacking and cleaning up to be done.

10-05-2001 muddy truck at home.jpg

One very dirty Truck back at home

The cats seemed pleased to see us. Having them fed once a day by the neighbour had worked out adequately – except when they got into a packet of dried food that had not been put away, and feasted. She’d had to clean up the resulting rather ugly mess!

I paid her $50 for coming in the few minutes each day to feed them, which I considered an adequate amount.

Truck obviously needed a major clean, which would have to wait till John had time.

The new tent had worked well for us.

This comparatively quick trip had been a great break from the toil of Term 3 for me, and for John from his computer based work. It had certainly provided some excellent research and ground work for the travels planned for 2002.

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