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2001 Travels September 28

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Packing up camp did not take too long, though we didn’t particularly hurry.

The road north was good dirt, until we reached the sealed Bulloo Development road, a few kms west of Eulo. It was just over 100kms from last night’s camp. Basically, we paralleled the Paroo River north.

We detoured to have a look at the little township of Eulo, and were amused by the cows strolling up the main – one and only – street.

09-27-2001 main st Eulo.jpg

Cows wandering the main road in Eulo

There was not much to Eulo. The most notable building was the Eulo Queen Hotel – another single storey affair.

The tourist information we had mentioned a date farm and wine making establishment, so we checked that out. Bought a couple of bottles of rather sweet date dessert wine – something different. One must patronize local industry!

Went west again for a few kms, then turned north to take the sealed road route to Yowah. This was a roundabout route that went north-ish –  on the Toompine and Quilpie road – for some 47kms, then turned off back to the south for another 25kms.

We found the Artesian Waters Caravan Park at Yowah, booked in and were allowed to choose our own spot to set up. An area partly surrounded by leafy trees appealed.

09-29-2001 another view yowah camp.jpg

After establishing the camp, we had time for a quick drive around and explore of the township, before settling down to the usual evening routines.

We had a powered site, so the Chescold was on 240v, and we had the electric camping light. Even better, there were hot showers! The water was a bit smelly though – artesian bore water.

Although we were now in a town, it was small enough for the night to be almost as quiet as it was back at our river bank camp.

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