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2000 Travels December 7

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Collected the mail from the Post Office and went through it. There were a couple of personal letters to provide some enjoyment. But K had not paid the water rates, as we’d asked him to do, so John had to pay those via phone.

Whilst John was thinking home business, he phoned the electricity and gas suppliers and ensured these accounts were changed back to us, as of December 15. It is getting horribly close!

Whilst at the Post Office, we’d sent off S’s Xmas presents.

I extended our stay by three more nights. This only cost $15.30 a night. I had no idea why they were cheaper.

After lunch, we walked this end of the Oyster Walk, which comes away from the town direction. Followed it along the shore, then up to the Lookout, around and then back into town. It was a bit hot, but good exercise.

12-08-2000  oyster walk.jpg

We bought a dozen local oysters – already opened – to share for tea, and followed those with baked potatoes with cheese topping.

Phoned K to let him know what we’d done about accounts. John would have to follow up with Telstra tomorrow about that account. K was not happy, because he’d just found out that he will not be able to access the new house until the settlement is done. After the banks open. Apparently, this was a surprise to him. Told him that the carpet cleaners are coming at 3pm, so he needs to be out by then – that was not well received. Well – none of this was our idea!

Clearly, we will not be welcomed home with open arms!

My big loose filling became even looser today.

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