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2000 Travels November 18

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I was up early. John had asked to be left to sleep, so I walked through the town and out as far as the Blue Pools – small rock pools. It was a lovely long walk – I am getting them in while I can!

John was up when I got back, had already had breakfast, and was packing up, so I had to rush around a bit to catch up.

Before leaving town, we went to the butcher and bought a piece of silverside, using the voucher John won at bowls.

From Kalbarri, we took the road south along the coast, to Northampton. This road had not been made in ’93, which was one reason we didn’t get to Kalbarri; the other was that we went inland from Geraldton to go gold prospecting.

The scenery was pleasant and varied, and there were plenty of plants in flower.

We initially intended to stay a couple of nights at Greenough, by the sea, south of Geraldton, but decided to push on to Dongara – closer to Perth.

There was a cheaper Gull servo at S Bend, south of Greenough, and we refuelled there – only $1.07cpl.

The Seaspray Caravan Park cost us $15.40 for the night. It was a very quiet park. We were put right up one end and were able to stay hitched up.

11-18-2000 dongara camp.jpg

Staying hitched up at Dongara

We walked into the township and bought a paper, and bread, and had a quick look around the small place.

I cooked the piece of silverside for tea. Fortunately, the day was not too hot to do so. We had it with some vegies.

I was really tired and had an early night – perhaps the exercise and early mornings were catching up?

11-18-2000 to dongara

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