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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels October 17

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Had another conversation on the public phone this morning with the sharebroker. They cannot seem to get the figures right on the latest brokerage. As they had already paid proceeds into our share account, he said he will deduct $45 from the fees for  my next transaction – whenever that may be!

We took lunch back out to the Four Mile.

We both fished – no bites.

John caught some crabs.

We spent several hours out there – it was really pleasant.

Refuelled Truck in town – $1.24cpl.

Back at the van, I cooked the crabs and we did some packing up.

10-17-2000 fishing 4 mile ck.jpg

The pieces of masking tape stuck on the wall are used to hold the stove lid down, and oven door closed  when travelling on rough roads!

The crabs gave a small amount of meat – over rated critters! John had that as a crab cocktail.

Tea was sausages and coleslaw.

We had enjoyed the Onslow stay.

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