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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels October 14

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It was hot this morning.

After breakfast, we went to the Museum and Visitor Centre.

The Museum held some interest. There were some photos of both Onslows, and old records.

There used to be a huge jetty here but it fell into disuse, got cyclone damaged and was taken down because it was dangerous. There are still a few remnants of pylons that can be seen.

We find interest in sitting out under the awning and watching the cruisers and fishing boats come and go from the bay. And also in the tides – the rock shelves and mudflats are really exposed at low tide.

We can see four offshore turrets – presumably gas rigs? And storage tanks on a distant island.

We both have sandfly bites. John has lots – I presume he got them when fishing.

It became very windy this afternoon and whipped up big waves.

For tea, John had yesterday’s fish. I had a tin of tuna and some salad.

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