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2000 Travels October 1

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We watched the Olympics Closing Ceremony. Thank God that’s over! I think I would have been more proud of Sydney – and Australia’s – obvious success at hosting these, had I not been confined in such a boring park and town, and compelled to watch by needing to be inside in the air conditioning.

But – we had another week to fill in here. Unfortunately, the heat does make it hard to be motivated to do very much at all.

Thought about maybe trying some day tripping into the Pilbara hinterland, but there were big bushfires up there. That will also put paid to going up there when our time here is up. Next year!

John finished his letter, printed copies and got them ready to mail.

I walked some laps of the park.

Tea was roast lamb with the usual vegetables. Cooked in the electric frypan outside. In this heat, I have been using this for cooking, as much as I can.

John phoned R, who was not home. He then had a call with his sister.  I had a long call with V – all is well in her world, although she had been ill – possibly Ross River Fever. Sunday nights, of course, is when we get much cheaper phone calls on our phone plan.

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