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2000 Travels September 24

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Hot still!

Today was John’s 60th birthday. He’d received a card and cheque for $50, in the last mail, from sister H. Over the course of the day, she rang, as did another sister and his brother. There was no contact at all from any of the children.

Olympics on TV.

I cooked a roast chicken lunch – John’s favourite roast – followed by a bought frozen icecream dessert concoction. We had a bottle of sparkling burgundy with that meal.

In the afternoon, walked a few laps of the caravan park.

Tea was seafood salad with some prawns. John said I got it wrong – there was too much tea. The leftovers would keep till tomorrow, anyway.

I phoned K at night. Bad news – Butch was put down last weekend. Poor old dog! K still sounded really upset by it. That cast a bit of a downer over the night. I still feel guilty about her. But I know that K did make an effort to keep her happy, these past few months.

09-22-1996 flooded murray at albury.jpg

Butch in happier times, on holiday with us.

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