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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels September 20

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There was some cloud cover for much of the day, but it still reached about 35 degrees.

Watched Olympics. I sewed and read.

John drove to the Post Office, to pick up the computer inks he’d ordered.

Later in the day, we went for a walk on the salt flats near the park, to a sort of beach, on a curved bay. Wandered about here for a little while. It was not really scenic.

09-14-2000 beach karratha.jpg

The sea near Karratha – with heat haze

John was not in a good mood and told me he is getting bored now, with travel, and would really prefer to go home. I didn’t know how much he really meant this or how much was just bad temper talking. But it upset me because I was assuming we would still have another couple of years of this – as we’d initially planned.  To me, it is a wonderful lifestyle. It would appear that our perceptions are diverging rather radically. I had wished that John could find some sort of hobby or interest, around the van, apart from having his nose in a computer or TV screen all the time. I’d hoped he might take up intricate hand wood carving of smaller objects – like walking sticks – something equivalent to my sewing.

Tea was soup, and French toast, for something different. The heat combined with little activity, is reducing our appetite.

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