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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels September 13

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We discovered that the caravan park had a loud, sputtering, automatic watering system that came on about 4am! It was loud enough to wake us up.

Later, when we surfaced properly, it was a hot day.

I did washing.

We drove to the shops. Got a paper, bread and a card for John’s nephew-in-law. John did banking. Collected mail at the Post office. I received a couple of great letters from friends, and also the embroidery fabric that I’d ordered by phone, some time ago, from the shop in Cairns. It cost $158 and will be made into a set of placemats.

We drove around to the bowls club for John to check it out. The President – P – was there, and we got talking. His might be a typical Pilbara story: retrenched as a mine rationalized, but committed to his house here, that he cannot get a decent price for. Seven kids and now unemployed.

He told us that the cost of living was really high up here – power, water, shire rates. He estimated that power alone cost him about $10 per day.

John went back to the club after lunch and spent the afternoon practising bowls with P.

I read the paper, sewed, and tried to stay out of the heat.

John enjoyed the bowls and got some more interesting insights into the life up here.

For tea, I reheated the leftover pizzas in the electric frypan – it worked well and they were good.

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