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2000 Travels September 1

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Spring! It really does not make much difference in Broome, except that it is getting hotter.

I worked on letters in the morning, filling in time, waiting for John in order to go and do the shopping. John was working on his next long letter to relatives. I set up the printer to do my letter – which involved hauling it, and paper, out from under the bed and setting it up on the bench. John then claimed it to print his letter to Landrover, asking for compensation money for the bearings fiasco. He then had to go to the Post Office to send it.

I got his lunch organized while he was gone, and he then went to bowls.

I did washing, including the bedding. It all dries really quickly, here.

There were a few people in the laundry, chatting, as one does. A lady came in with a bag of washing. She commented that she was so pleased to be staying two nights in one place, because it gave her a chance to do the washing. She said that she and her husband were driving right around Australia – in four weeks! This was the first time since they had left home, in Sydney, that they’d stayed longer than a night in one place! Basically, they were seeing what was on either side of Highway 1, and not much else. She was not enjoying it.

At bowls, John met and talked for a while with Mary – of the TV documentary program Grey Nomads fame. Her journey around Australia, from the Ballarat area in Victoria, had ended when she decided to stay a while in Broome. It was Mary whom we’d emulated at Wonga Beach in ’98, sitting on the driftwood log on the beach. It was interesting to find that she was still in Broome, several years later. She helps out with cooking at the bowls club, and does some work at the markets, so she has carved out her interesting niche.

For tea I cooked some cobbler from the freezer – it was rather dry. We bought chips to go with it.

08-30-2000 sunset roebuck bay.jpg

Dusk over Roebuck Bay

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