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2000 Travels August 30

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There was a heavy dew this morning. I could see the fog over the bay, to the south.

Today was another tourist day.

First, we drove around to the wharf area. The jetty was closed because there was a big ship in, so that put paid to our idea of a stroll along its length.

Drove around the red pindan dirt Kavite Road, following the shoreline around to Gantheume Point. We stopped there and looked at the brilliant turquoise sea and the contrasting red rocks. Saw some brilliantly coloured red-backed wrens.

08-30-2000 gantheume point pindan cliffs.jpg

Contrasting colours at Gantheume Point

Continued driving, on around to Cable Beach again. The tide was right in, so there was not much beach! But we walked around there, for a little while, looking at what there was of the beach, and at the Cable Beach Resort, behind the beach – from the outside of it, though.

08-30-2000 cable beach high tide.jpg

High tide at Cable Beach – no 4WD’s on the beach now!

Then we visited the Willie Creek Pearl Farm Gallery, at Cable Beach. It had, to my taste, the best range and styles of pearl jewellery I’d seen in Broome. I bought a freshwater pearl necklace, earrings, and a bracelet made of pearl and ironstone. The total cost was $94, so that was affordable, unlike “proper” sea water pearls! I really liked the colour mix of my pearls – pale pinks and greys and creams. I put an entry in a draw for $500 worth of pearl items – it would be nice!

The gallery had an unusual outside  water wall, featuring water running down into a pool, and decorative pools with big carp in.

We went back to the van for lunch.

After that, we drove out to the Broome Bird Observatory, further around Roebuck Bay. We had to drive a little way out of town, then take an unsealed road to the south for a way; it then followed the coast to the Observatory. The road was rather rough, in parts.

The Observatory exists because of the tidal mudflats around Roebuck Bay. These attract migratory shorebirds that breed to the north, in Asia, but there are birds there the whole year round. It is a study and scientific facility.

There was a little campground out there and we wanted to check that out, for future reference, as well as look around. The camp area was basic, but pleasant enough.

We went down to the beach to look for birds, but the tide was right out – a long way away – so, of course, most of the birds were out there too. There were lots of crabs on the flats – big ones – and mud skippers and the like. We resolved to try to come back when the tide was in, and the birds with it. Gave a $5 donation to the place.

08-30-2000 broome bird observatory

Tide out at the Broome Bird Observatory

After a brief stop at the shops in town, that was it for the day.

A tooth on my part dental plate was loose – one of the only two teeth on it! Phoned the only dentist in Broome and have to take it in at 8am tomorrow morning.

Tea was dory and fries – nice.

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