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2000 Travels August 23

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After breakfast, I walked up to the nearby shops to get the paper. On the way back, found the Pioneer Cemetery, in the Town Beach Park, next door to the caravan park. There looked to be graves dating from the 1880’s, but only a few graves. It was very well kept.

The caravan park was now emptying out as the long stay winter visitors head south again, after the Festival. The “winter people” seem to be a real clique. I guess there are lots of caravan parks in warm coastal places in Australia that have similar winter dwellers. John finds them annoying, the way they carry on together. I find them amusing, because most of them have such a sense of self-importance. As if they are somehow superior to roaming travellers like ourselves!

The sea is fascinating here,  with the marked tidal moves and colour changes. It is very pretty. There are always fishing boats out in front of the park and these have lights at night. And at night, there are the lights of the port wharf in the distance.

John phoned Shinju Motors. The parts were not yet in. It may now be ready Friday.

I went up to the office and extended our stay here until Tuesday. The extra nights cost $22 a night as they were not the weekly rate.

We walked to the Post Office, where John sent off sister H’s birthday present – an amethyst we bought in Kununurra – a bit late!

The walk was good exercise.

In the afternoon, there was a lot of smoke in the sky. We thought there must be much bush burning of the inland country nearby.

08-21-2000 roebuck bay and smoke.jpg

Smoke over Roebuck Bay

Tea was roast lamb and veggies.

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