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2000 Travels August 9

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Another hot and sunny morning, but some cloud came in, during the afternoon. There was still considerable smoke haze around.

John used the radio to call some family members. He found out that Melbourne is still cold and wet! His artist sister asked him to try to get some photos that have the sun’s rays coming through clouds – that might be a bit hard, up here, at the moment!

After breakfast, we went for a walk following the river downstream, and were away for about three hours.

08-09-2000 01 King Edward River view.jpg

King Edward River

We found some lovely rapids and little sets of falls.

08-09-2000 03 King edward River scene.jpg

The river upstream from the camping area

Mostly, we were walking on slabs of rock.

08-09-2000 07 King Edward River vista.jpg

Rock slabs bordered much of the river

The river was extremely picturesque with varying views and “moods”.

08-09-2000 05 King Edward River small rapids.jpg

At one point, we spotted what was either a brown goshawk or a collared sparrowhawk, flying low over a big puddle;  it then settled on a rock in the water.

08-09-2000 06 goshawk.jpg

We couldn’t quite tell if this was a brown goshawk

We also encountered a local resident – a dark red young shorthorn type bull or steer. He did not seem unfriendly, but we did not go too close. He seemed to be all by himself.

08-09-2000 met by track.jpg

Had lunch back at camp.

I made bread in the camp oven. Then we went swimming again.

We emptied the 25 litre jerry can of fuel into Truck.

Talked briefly with the tourist camp cook. She loves the area and the work and also does some guiding, too. Their guests come in for a night, go up to the Falls for a night or two, then come back here, and  on out. So she has quite a lot of time alone, and only groups of 7 or 8 to do for, anyway.

There are more people in the camp area, tonight.

Tea was bread, soup, fire-baked potatoes  and cheese – all very filling.

Phoned K. He has sent mail to Kununurra. He is about to become Australian Sales Manager for a big hotel chain. I am pleased he is doing well.

There was not so much red fire glow tonight. There was a pleasant, cooling breeze in the evening.

It had been a most enjoyable couple of days here. Have loved being able to swim so easily – and thus feel so clean. We are accumulating some very grotty dirty clothes though!

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