This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels August 14

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It was hot again, and a bit sticky. About 34 degrees again.

John worked on the van’s wheels, bearings and brakes for much of the day. He was pleased because he could buy the parts he wanted for this, here in town.

I walked to the Post Office and collected our mail, then went to Coles for a few things.

I sorted the mail. There were some personal letters – always enjoyable. Also a few bills, but not many – a good batch of mail!

I sewed whilst John had the van up on the jack and I couldn’t thus go inside.

Lunch was late, due to the van work.

After lunch, we both walked into town and picked up the photos. I was very pleased with them. The processing, and stocking up on some more film, cost me $163!

I had another long swim.

We talked some more with the man behind us. A widower and retired motor mechanic – he had been interested in John’s van work. He waters the grass for the caravan park – I presume he gets a site free or at a reduced rate for this? He is here for another 8 weeks – I reckon it will be really humid and stormy by then! But it seems to be not a bad life.

Tea was roast chook and vegies.

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