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2000 Travels August 12

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Today was hot – around 34 degrees –  and a little humid.

John woke up not feeling ill, which was good news.

We went to the shops after breakfast. I took films to the chemist for processing – 9 rolls of same. I got a 20% discount for quantity. They will be ready Monday afternoon.

We bought a paper and a few other items.

Drove out to the Melon Patch and bought some fruit.

I did much washing – four full loads – including the caravan bedding and the doona cover.

We spent much of the day finishing off the changing over from camping mode to caravan mode, and repacking the gear.

It was another tiring day in the heat. Again, lovely clean showers with ample water, were appreciated!

A nice old guy – Victorian – was on the site behind us and we talked for a while.

When we were here earlier, and now, we have noticed that many of the travellers staying here are older folk, towing a van with an ordinary car,  and “going round” Australia.  A number of the men have come up to John, when he has been pottering about outside, and asked him questions about our “serious” off road rig! Often, it is obvious they are really envious of what we are doing, but their wives do not want to leave the security of the bitumen roads. They tend to pay large amounts of money for short plane flights over the Bungles and envy our capacity to see such places up close. It is a pity, because what we are doing is not really that hard or risky.

Tea was hamburgers, at John’s request. Cooked on the table outside, in the electric frypan. I dished up John’s and handed it in to him and then, whilst I was soaking the frypan, the board that John likes to put up at the back of the table, to prevent spatters on the van side, slid forward and knocked my plate off the table into the dirt and grime on the ground. I ended up eating some lettuce and tomato! I had been looking forward to the burger too. I am surprised this hasn’t happened before now, as it is not a very secure arrangement.

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