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2000 Travels July 13

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Over breakfast, I told John how worried I was about the van left at Argyle and how I wasn’t sure I would enjoy going on with the trip as planned. It turned out that he was uneasy too. He came up with the idea of going and getting it, and storing it here at Wyndham. The caravan park manager, P, said he would store it right by his van and living area, and keep a close eye on it – for $20 a week. That sounded much better!

So we set off in the heat and drove back to Lake Argyle. It only took us about half an hour to secure the stuff in it for moving, put the bikes up on to the rack, etc and go. We gave the manager there two rock melons as a thank you gift, and paid him $4 for the two nights. It was not his fault that the Village admin had decreed that our van should go into the Works area.

We had a stop on the way back through Kununurra. Got money from the bank. Bought John a new pair of bathers, shorts style, as his old ones were so thin as to be indecent! John had another pie and pastie lunch!

We took the van on to Wyndham and set it up on the slab behind the manager’s hot food van.It had not been as hard a day as we thought it would be. We drove 363kms!

07-13-2000 van at wyndham

The van securely set up at Wyndham Caravan Park

We walked to the Post Office/store and bought a newspaper. It was a reasonable walk, and a change from being in the Truck for hours.

Tea was savoury mince and a bread roll.

After tea, I cleaned out the Chescold camp fridge – it smelled of the spicy sausages!

It did seem to be a bit cooler here, at nights, by the coast.

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