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2000 Travels June 28

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The day was lovely, warm and sunny, again.

We lazed about the van in the morning. John played computer games – he had power again for his laptop! I wrote letters and read tourist information.

We watched the antics of the Great bower bird that had built his bower on the site behind us. He hovered protectively around it, all the time. Occasionally, he “danced” and displayed his pink neck feathers. He made a harsh calling noise. There seemed to be quite a few lady bower birds around.

We discussed the possibility of storing the caravan here, while we went off on our planned jaunt through remote parts of the Kimberley. This place seemed relatively secure and away from some of the issues we’d heard about in Kununurra, when we were there in ’93, and a caravan park storage area had been broken into and vans ransacked.

John went off to talk to the park manager about this and came back having organized for us to bring the van back out here when we were ready.

We were at the cruise office at 2.30pm. A bus then took us to the boat mooring. The boat was a wide based one with open sides and a roof for shade. We seemed to sit quite low in the water.

06-28-2000 01 boat wake argyle.jpg

The boat’s wake distorting reflections in the water

The cruise was well worth doing – the perspective from the water was so different. We really only motored about on a comparatively small part of the northern section of the Lake – but that seemed pretty big.

06-28-2000 04 late pm reflections on Lake Argyle.jpg

On Lake Argyle – dam wall in distance

It was pointed out that, submerged under the Lake, was the original homestead area of the pioneering Durack family. We learned that this was being dismantled, carefully, as the dam wall was being constructed, to be re-erected away from the lake level, as a memorial. However, the rains came and the Lake filled far more quickly than anticipated, so not all was saved. Even more portable tools and machinery were lost. So what is now the museum and homestead on display is not fully the original.

06-28-2000 03 lake argyle reflections

Reflections on Lake Argyle

We saw rock wallabies and Euros – there are islands in the Lake and these critters have survived on them. We cruised around some of these islands.

06-28-2000 06 on Lake Argyle 03.jpg

We also saw freshie crocs – there are thousands of them in the lake, catfish and archer fish. These shot water at pieces of bread held out by tourists on the boat. One freshie had learned that fish come to the boat for a feed, therefore so does he!

We watched a great sunset over the Lake, whilst partaking of generous quantities of champagne, biscuits and dips. It was all very pleasant.

06-28-2000 07 lake argyle sunset.jpg

Sunset over Lake Argyle

The cruise got back at 6pm, which felt much later to us. The bus transferred us back to the resort.

We had a fish and chip dinner at the hotel that is part of the resort complex. The fish was silver cobbler – local catfish caught in the Lake, that has had a name and image change and now sells at a much more handsome price. Who says a name is but a name? It was actually very nice to eat.

After dinner, walked back to camp and had an early night by local time, but it felt right to us.


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