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2000 Travels June 5

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The sky was cloudy today, but it was high cloud.

We had a lot to pack up. Left Opalton about 11am – sadly, as we had become quite attached to our shelter and the camp area in general.

05-26-2000 opalton camp distant.jpg

Last view of our camp at Opalton

Reached Winton about 1.30pm, and stopped in town to collect the mail. Had a quick look through it, immediately. A cheque was there, for John’s inheritance from his sister, so he banked that straight away, at the Post Office. He wrote out a cheque for the money he’d promised R and sent that off.

I quickly bought a few supplies.

We booked back into the Matilda Country Caravan Park, for $13.50, and stayed in one of their sites where we could remain hitched up.

I had a looooong hot shower, washed my hair, shaved my legs, pumiced my feet. Then I felt really clean again! The shower at Opalton had been sort of adequate, but one did not linger in the very cold water, and of course, it was heavily sedimented.

John chatted with a couple of fellow campers who came from Wagga. One made wooden tool handles so they all chatted about that, and steaming wood to shape it, a process that interests John. He obtained their names and addresses and an invitation to look them up when next we go through Wagga.

Tea was pumpkin soup, sausages in bread.

We had TV again! I hadn’t missed it. Tonight did miss sitting out around the fire in the quiet of the bush, though.

The cloud cover made the night seem warmer.

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