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2000 Travels June 3

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It was another really cold night. The overnight low registering on our weather station in the van has consistently been 3 degrees. The day was sunny again, but the wind was much less today and so it felt a bit warmer.

In the morning, John fossicked on the heaps. I made roti breads. After lunch we both went out onto the heaps for a while and brought back a few rocks to investigate.

05-30-2000 opalton wildflowers.jpg

Flowering bush growing on the mullock heaps

We talked for a while with an older couple who arrived with an old Toyota and van. They were following a mud map from the Matilda Centre in Winton, to drive a circuit via the Mayneside ruins and Lark Quarry. They decided to push on and camp in the bush – more his idea than hers, I felt!

The last two nights have been very quiet out here, with just M and B, and us in the camp. A young guy arrived this afternoon and he parked at the next hut. He said he drove tracks across from Longreach. I thought he was a bit creepy – not sure about him!

L came back from Winton today. M was keeping an eye on the Outpost while he was gone. L said that he would not be able to cope with the coming GST and would close the Outpost down rather than be forced to try to master it. That would be a pity – he serves a valuable function in this area.

Tea was the last of the minestrone soup, chops, potato done in foil in the fire, bacon, egg for John, tomato for me. We even had a few bits of green veggies.

Our fresh supplies have lasted rather well. I used the last of my fresh milk this morning. We still had some fruit left.

John rad-phoned a couple of relatives. They’ve had ‘flu. There has been snow in the Dandenongs!

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