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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels May 27

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It was a pleasant, fine day.

We noodled on the heaps for a while in the morning, with little success.

John wanted to track down our lone traveller acquaintance from Rubyvale to suggest he come here, but the phone box here was not working, so that idea was abandoned. I cycled down to the phone box and back, which raised a sweat.

06-04-2000 Opalton phone box.jpg

The phone box at Opalton – complete with stool

L told us that one of the miners, some time ago, wanted to use the phone and was so cross because it was not working, that he put a rope from his 4WD around it and pulled it over! Then he grew remorseful within a couple of days, and worked to put it back.

After lunch, did a bit more noodling.

John drove out to Sandy Creek to put the yabby net in a waterhole to try to catch some. He came back with three, which we kept alive in a bucket of water.

Tea was beef Mongolian and rice, using a bottle of Mongolian sauce.

The night was a bit cooler.

Love camping out in this sort of mulga bush – it was rather reminiscent of Gemtree, last year.

06-03-2000 camp opalton view.jpg

Late afternoon at our camp

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