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2000 Travels May 12

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Today was a rest day from digging. It was a pleasant, sunny day, again. Weatherwise, that was more like it!

We walked around town, after breakfast. The township is actually a common area, so cows can roam about it – and do. Their leavings appear on the roads and footpaths. Some cow pats had unusual, long stalked toadstools growing from them. John was most taken with these!

05-06-2000 poo plus rain equals.jpg

Toadstools growing in a cow pat on a Rubyvale footpath

Visited the gem Gallery again. They had such wonderful cut stones and made up pieces of jewellery. I could only look and wish!

Called in at Old Mick’s and saw the owner, just back from an overseas trip. From her, we chose earrings for the girls for Xmas presents for this year – amethyst for S, topaz for V, and garnet for R. $80 for the three sets, which we thought was reasonable.

The travelling fish supply truck was in town. On the advice of one of the permanent dwellers in the park, I bought some spotted ray, which I’d never heard of before.

After lunch, I did some sewing, while John went around to see if JJ was home. His wife said he’d gone to get a vehicle exhaust fixed, and that he’d had a busy week. Yeah, yeah….

Some unusual excitement when two police appeared and served a subpoena on one of the winter dwellers here – a woman, two sites up, who’d witnessed a murder, near their camper, at a Lightning Ridge caravan park, last year. That sounded like a rough place!

Tea was fries and fish – the ray was good eating.

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