This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels May 10

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In the morning, i took advantage of the finer weather to do the washing. I walked to the store for the papers that had accumulated in our absence. I lazed about and read some of these.

John helped E, the park owner, unload a trailer full of wood and lent him the big round magnet to help him find some screws he’d lost from the chainsaw.

Our mail was in – a package from home containing John’s left-behind tools, as well as normal mail.

There was no contact from JJ. Not surprising.

After lunch, drove out to Retreat, to the south west of town,  and did some digging. E hired us a Willoughby and a half 44 gallon drum.

We put the gravel we dug into buckets and washed it at a big waterhole that had been made by machine mining, to the great interest of some campers who came in while we were there. They were camped nearby, in motor homes.

05-14-2000 willoughby.jpg

Washing gravel with Willoughby. Waterhole made by past machine mining

We found a couple of small chips of sapphire, only. The late afternoon sun was not great for trying to sort the wash in. The angle of the light was wrong.

The mozzies were really bad.

Tea was pork steaks, with apple, and salad.

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