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2000 Travels May 3

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We got away from Tambo quite early, on another grey day, with a long trip ahead.

Refuelled at Barcaldine – 90cpl.

Had a coffee stop by the road between Blackall and Barcaldine. We’d travelled through cattle grazing country. There were occasional tree lined watercourses but the extensive black soil plains were mostly grasses.

Passed through Blackall – another place to visit and explore another time.

Stopped in Barcaldine for a paper and to check out the Information Centre. We bought a poster showing Qld outback timbers, for John.

Our lunch stop was at Jericho. The Jordan Creek runs near the town and they have made an attractive, abstract, rock sculpture and display that represents the journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land – the Crystal Trumpeteers. It is all rather symbolic and one would not know what it is meant to represent, without the accompanying explanation. But it was most unusual!

05-03-2000 crystal trumpeteers jericho.jpg

The Crystal Trumpeteers at Jericho

It rained more as we progressed east. The country changed too, away from the black soil plains and through the Drummond Range, east of Alpha. The hills made the drive more interesting.

Just before we reached Anakie, Truck turned over 100,000kms! We pulled over because this was definitely an occasion to be photographed.

05-03-2000 truck 100,000km.jpg

By the Capricorn Highway, where Truck “turned” 100,000.

At Anakie, turned north for Rubyvale and reached there about 4pm, in steady rain. Not what we’d planned! Crossed the Tropic of Capricorn near Sapphire.

The caravan park was very muddy and mushy. Owner – E – said he only had about 3 sites dry enough to put anyone on! So we set up by the road, near the front gate – the other side of the park from where we were in ’98. Apparently, the rain started before Easter and hadn’t stopped since. It was very humid, too.

We booked in for a week, at $10 a night. Set up in full. At least our site had a cement slab.

There were rainbow lorikeets and apostle birds all around us – most entertaining.

E told us that he had bought another venture – The Castle – a bit out of town, which he aims to let as units and backpacker accommodation. He was unable to reach it now, because the road is too wet, but said he would take us out there and show us, when the roads dry out enough. If the rain stops! Obviously, this new venture would have limited access!

Tea was steak and salad.

I was happy to be settled in one place for a week, again.

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