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2000 Travels 1 May

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Last night was slightly cooler but still very pleasant. The day was rather humid.

This was mostly another lazy day, much of which I spent reading and sewing.

My breakfast entertainment was sitting outside the van, watching proceedings as departing vanners  tried to extricate themselves from where they had been parked! A few had some difficulty and the rather terse owner had to come and lend his assistance.

We went for a short walk, around some of the blocks, looking at the houses – mostly timber – before lunch.

Charleville as a settlement dates from the last half of the 1800’s, servicing the grazing properties of the district. The railway from Brisbane dates from the late 1880’s; today lines branch from here to Quilpie to the west, and south to Cunnamulla.

After lunch, we did a long walk – to some parklands we’d seen on the way into town, and walked around these.

We inspected the Vortex Gun, which was designed to fire shells into clouds to try to make it rain. Several were used here, in 1902, to try to break a drought. It did not work.

There were lots of ducks and geese in the ponds of the gardens, which were quite attractive.

We went past the railway station. Given the age of the railway, and comparative places we’ve seen, I expected the building to be somehow more substantial.

The caravan park became really crowded this afternoon.

Tea was chilli con carne with pasta spirals.

We watched the news on Imparja. Then John took refuge in his computer games. He resolved not to sit up late at the computer, any more, but to have a midnight curfew. We shall see!

It was a very warm night.

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