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2000 Travels April 24

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Another fairly early start, and back down the highway to Lilydale, where John was bowling again. Just had to drive without indicators, and hope!

I went on to Chirnside Park shops. Bought some nice sneakers – two pair, on a special deal. Later found that the ones intended for John did not fit him, so I ended up with both pairs.

Then to the doctor. My blood pressure was still as high, which shocked me. Still, we have been racing around, compared to our usual life, these days. I promised to get it checked again in Qld, when life has settled down a bit.

I drove to my brother’s, at Ivanhoe and had a lovely lunch – soup, bread, salad roll makings. He was interested in my Tasmanian photos, especially the ones with big skies, clouds and lighting effects – the subjects of his current print making. I lent him some of the negatives. We talked about my family research.

I stayed there longer than I should have. John phoned whilst I was driving back to Lilydale, wanting to know where I was, as he had finished bowls and was waiting. So, he wasn’t very happy – but I’d had a good time finally catching up with brother.

Drove 138kms today – it was certainly easy to mount up the kms when we were here!

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