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2000 Travels April 20

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After breakfast, we drove home and did some pruning and gardening. John took the rubbish thus produced to the tip. Refuelled Truck – 81cpl – much cheaper than Tasmania!

The dog enjoyed being around while we worked, and the tip trip – old times!

Had a phone call from friend R and arranged for him to come to tea at the van, after dropping son and friends at the Gilderoy scout camp. He would be bringing John’s new laptop.

Back at camp, I prepared steak, mushrooms, jacket potatoes, salad, fruit and cheeses.

Soon after arriving, R decided to go get H, too, so I added to the food and we ate late – about 7.30pm.

We had to sit outside, of course, and fortunately the temperature was tolerable – just. We had the electric fan heater going under the table.

It was a most enjoyable evening – they did not leave until 1am!

John received the new laptop, but there was only time for a brief demonstration of its operation. There was much software with it, too. John was happy.

The afternoon and evening saw much movement into the caravan park – for Easter. The claiming of territory was interesting to watch, especially as people rushed to set up chairs around the fireplaces, which were soon packed out.

We had decided, once we knew we were able to get a booking, to see out the Easter period at Healesville – especially after the delay with the wood. Better to be there, than battling it out on the roads with the holiday traffic. Also, John would then be able to play with his relatives in the annual Easter bowls tournament at Beaumaris!

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