This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels April 8

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We had a very quiet day! The legs were very weary, after yesterday.

I fetched the Saturday papers from the shops and we spent much of the day reading these.

Every so often, the ducks and geese would potter hopefully up from the river and gaze imploringly at us. We had to be hard hearted and refuse any handouts, otherwise they would have been camped outside the van permanently!

04-06-2000 Meander at Deloraine.jpg

The Meander River behind the van at Deloraine – and resident wildlife

After lunch, John went to the bowls club, but there was no-one there, so he came back and pottered about, making containers to hold the new chisels.

I cooked corned silverside for tea. Very nice it was, too.

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