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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels April 13

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After breakfast, John took Truck to have a radio aerial bracket welded to the back swing bar. He returned via the shops and got me bread, ham and some cheeses.

I got some food ready for lunch.

G and C – former work colleagues of mine, visiting Tasmania – arrived about 11am. It was a pleasant, sunny day, and we sat outside and lunched. There was much talk of travels and of the former work place. They did not leave until well into the afternoon. I enjoyed their visit, very much.

We went for a walk around to the ferry terminal, along the foreshore. We watched the loading and departure of the Spirit of Tasmania. We would  be on it, next time! A campervan arrived, just as they were about to put up the last tail ramp. He was lucky to get on. The boat left late!

11-02-1999 Spirit Tas back view.jpg

Our tea was soup, and lunch left overs.

I tried to phone aunt and uncle but got no answer.

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